Awaken our senses

Darkness early.

Skies become light

Sun very low

Chill in the air.

Ground crisp underfoot

Footprints makes a crunch.

Plants brave the morning chill

Red berries tightly closed for now

Skeletons of trees; birch, ash, alder.

Sun so weak, little heat

Short days

Winter sunlight.

Birds in search of garden’s feed.

Few grains on the old log

Robin comes alone.

Rosemary lacking its summer scent

Grass is dormant.

Bees gone into hibernation

Garden sleeps.



Water rushing down the weir

Seagulls grown and young are here

over the water’s murky green

Swallows diving high to low

following their mates in tow.

Still statuesque solid columns

of a colonnade

as the evening light may fade

Clouds form like cotton wool

over the large river pool

Yellow bunches of weeds on the far shore

catching the evening light no more.

Seagulls call far from the sea

Time says me for another cup of tea.

Green tea or white or jasmine this time

Did you enjoy my little rhyme?

Happiness comes from somewhere very deep within our souls.

Intelligence and intelect are part of all of us. We all need to be inspired and creative in out own little ways. Life is full of unexpected little treasures but we have to search hard to find them amongst all the debris and trash along the way. Love to be as individual as me.

How long does it take to be happy and positive from a small image of┬ápleasure but too often we get struck down by negative words and people. Let’s be creative and artistic and go with the flow.


The world is full of rich and wonderful things which we often fail to notice or see for want of being too engrossed in all the trivia!

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Happy blogging!