The sun was shining through Fleur’s sitting room window. Shadows were cast on the walls from the branches of the old oak tree. It was elegant and stable. Fleur admired it and often wished she had been able to be compared to something so statuesque and free. She was small and dainty and lived in the East. Singapore, Thailand and other cities mostly, where she learnt how to cook great food. She worked for well to do families who were in The Forces. She was a maid in her early days but was promoted to cook in her later years. She had no children but did love to spoil her charges when they were around. The young children would come and find her for some treat when they came home during the vacations. It was always summer wherever Fleur was.  She adored the heat, the light and the sunsets were something special. Fleur would also help the Gardeners tend the many tropical and exotic plants. She also loved painting in her little bit of time off from her duties.  Fleur was like one of the family wherever she was based. Her employers loved her caring ways and her excellent food. Outside her bedroom grew huge pineapple palms and mangos. Freshly picked and her specialty was mango lollies. ” Delicious,” they would say to Fleur………….