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Hi to all women out there. Please join me on this journey of change. Read on.

Source: Journeying4women

The shadows fell on the side of the bath tub. The reflections  of the water on the enamel. Time to undress and get in the mood. She filled the tub almost to the rim with suds. The bubbles were as big as balloons this afternoon. The scent of geranium and rose wafted through the room. The chinese lanterns were illuminated by a gentle glow from within. Their red became a subtle orange in the naked candle light. Here she was all alone, just her and her thoughts. She slipped off her silky gown and let it fall to the floor. She put her toe in the deep vat of bubbles. ‘Just right,” and it beckoned her in. She tied her wavy hair in a top knot with a red scrunchie. It has been a long day. Infact an even longer week, She hadn’t taken time for herself for a long time. Here and now, at long last she felt ready for the next step. She slid into the tub and took a deep breath of fragrant water.  This was Ellen’s favourite past time when alone. Lying in a tub full up with suds. The water began to therapeutically wash away her aching muscles. No-one could disturb her here. Ellen was free from the outside world’s demands and worries. Just her and the restful sound of her chimes outdoors. The sway of the branches were rustling and reflected on the white bathroom tiles. Their shadows she saw were bold and there was something secure about them. Rooted and stable. That’s what she really wanted. The heat of the water, that luxury she wasn’t accustomed to. His cute dimple on his left cheek, his manly bristles and his soft cheeks all made her feel quite turned on. Here she was alone in her hot tub and he was not close enough right now. How excitied  when she was about to see him again. The exotic flowers outdoors – white summer jasmine filled the air last summer. Everywhere the walked hand in hand. The scent of the tangerines in flower; so heady. The trachiospermum was her big memory. It lingered in the warm air in the heat of the day and into the long evenings……

The sun was shining through Fleur’s sitting room window. Shadows were cast on the walls from the branches of the old oak tree. It was elegant and stable. Fleur admired it and often wished she had been able to be compared to something so statuesque and free. She was small and dainty and lived in the East. Singapore, Thailand and other cities mostly, where she learnt how to cook great food. She worked for well to do families who were in The Forces. She was a maid in her early days but was promoted to cook in her later years. She had no children but did love to spoil her charges when they were around. The young children would come and find her for some treat when they came home during the vacations. It was always summer wherever Fleur was.  She adored the heat, the light and the sunsets were something special. Fleur would also help the Gardeners tend the many tropical and exotic plants. She also loved painting in her little bit of time off from her duties.  Fleur was like one of the family wherever she was based. Her employers loved her caring ways and her excellent food. Outside her bedroom grew huge pineapple palms and mangos. Freshly picked and her specialty was mango lollies. ” Delicious,” they would say to Fleur………….

We find all kinds of people in this world of ours.

Funky punkies, hippies, prim and proper ladies

Sloppy lazy bods who do not care who is going to stare

Elegant women in flowing garments pass you by in

the summer sunshine

Cool breeze makes for a pleasant Saturday in July

Haze and heart

Sun and lots of people having fun

Shopping, walking, talking

Rushing, dawdling or passing

The time of day.

Rush, rush, who does

Care about the state of

tranquility so necessary to

find that peace of mind!



Blue poppy
I watch you grow
underneath the window sill.
Blue poppy’s dainty petals
looking down at the Earth below.